Production Research on High-Voltage Storage Systems for Electromobility



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Motivation & Approach

The automotive industry is changing. The trend is clearly aimed at emission-free mobility. The main focus is in a full electrification of the drive train. Common force and form-fit connections, like screw and plug connections, meet their limits of conductivity and durability. It is possible to create robus and low resistance connections by cohesive joining processes. In focus of this research project is the creation of cell junctions in battery systems by the use of ultrasonic welding and resistance projection welding. The ISF is identifying and testing suitable welding applications to generate seal seams on two shell cooling components of a structurally integrated battery cooling system. Possible techniques of joining aluminum cooling plate shells are the friction stir welding and electran beam welding.

Research Objectives

  • Development of a complete joining solution for contacting prismatic battery cells
  • Identification and testing of material joining processes in the production of structural battery module cooling plate systems