Laser welding of copper and copper alloys larger than 3 mm in thickness under reduced working pressure up to fine vacuum


Motivation & Approach

Copper is nowadays the most important material in electronics industry. The desired energy consumption or the electrification of the automobile are unthinkable without the massive use of copper. Laser welding of copper enjoys great demand in the industry. However, adequate process reliability is currently only achieved at high welding speeds, which means that the achievable welding depth is comparatively low even with the use of very powerful beam generators. In this research project, the process of laser beam welding under vacuum is to be investigated for the joining of copper and copper alloys.

Research Objectives

  • Qualification of laser beam welding using the process variant Laser beam welding under vacuum for process-safe joining of copper and copper alloys between 3 and 10 milimeter thickness
  • Increased process stability by avoiding weld jam discharges at comparatively low speeds between 0.5 and 2 meter per minute