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Automated driving has been an omnipresent topic in research and development of automotive industry. Today automated driving aimed emerging interest by non automotive industries as well. On the one hand there are some prototypes already, which demonstrate high to full automated driving, although there is a big gap to serial technology and serial pricing. On the other hand there are driver assistance systems in serial production, which merge 2 sensors to perform a distinctive semi automated function (e.g. traffic assistance).

Research Objective

The aim of the "Open Fusion Platform" project, or OFP, is to develop a series-based fusion platform with open interfaces, which enables cost-effective implementation of highly automated and fully automated functions. The disclosure of the interface descriptions also allows other automotive manufacturers and suppliers to integrate their products quickly and easily to the fusion platform.

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The Open Fusion platform is intended to enable the integration of highly automated and fully automated driver assistance functions already into middle range and accelerates the distribution by increased number of units. The OFP is a generic platform that allows different kind of use cases, like complex driver assistance functions, to fully automated driving functions. 4 surroundview cameras and 4 radar sensors covering 360 degrees around the vehicle, as well as an additional V2X module for external communication, are serving as a source of information fot the fusion platform.

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