Research Projects


The institutes involved in the Office for E-Mobility are conducting research on the topics relevant to electric vehicles and their components in various research projects. On the following bases some of the projects are presented. The core research fields are:

  • Batteries
  • Power electronics
  • E lectric motors
  • Electric vehicles
  • Producibility
  • Smart networks
  • Mobility concepts
  • Business models

CyberKMU² : Cyber-physical systems for small and medium sized enterprises made by SMEs.

POLICE : Prolonged lifecycle for electric vehicles.

KinelectricDrive : High-speed drivetrain with integrated kinetic energy storage system.

FlexiCoil : Development of a high-production and economical production technology for form-forming coils of electrical drives.

Expansion NVH Simulation model : BMWi / AiF Research project No.: 18764 "Expansion NVH simulation model" (FVA No. 682 II).

InTreS : Innovative carrier materials to optimize the current conductors of electrical storage.

eProduction : Production research on high-voltage storage systems for e-mobility

LaVaCu3+ : Laser beam welding of copper and copper alloys thicker than 3 mm under reduced pressure up to fine vacuum.