The E-Mobility Lecture Series


Interested in the broad field of electric mobility? From the ecology and economy of e-mobility to power electronics for modular drive trains; from inline quality assurance in battery production of gigafactories to practical use cases for the operation of charging infrastructure; from artificial intelligence for the operation of batteries to the new requirements for electrical insulation systems in electric mobility; from joining technology for electric vehicles to sustainable battery production; from the management of power grids to the construction of stationary energy storage systems: The "E-Mobility Lecture Series" organized by the Office for E-Mobility (GSE) of RWTH Aachen University provides deep insights into the current state of research and new trends in electric mobility with insightful lectures from academia and industry.

The lecture series is in principle aimed at all interested parties and in particular at trainees from the automotive or from the electronics sector. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate confirming that they have acquired in-depth knowledge of innovations in the field of electric mobility. Further information is provided here and here.