High-speed drive train with integrated kinetic energy storage

Motivation and Approach

The cost of energy storage is an obstacle for a broad market launch of electrific power train in vehicles. Besides, the full boost and recovery potential, due to limited power densities of the electrochemical energy storage, can not be achieved without loss of product life time. A supplement of the drive train around a flywheel accumulator is a promising alternative in order to be able to combine the required properties. The KinelectricDrive project, which was implemented in cooperation with GKN Driveline and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, provides a contribution to this. The innovative concept of a highly integrated unit of flywheel accumulator and 48-volt high-speed electromotor in combination with a continuously variable-speed gearbox creates a drive unit, which enables a cost-effective electrification of vehicles.

Research Objective

  • Development of a novel, cost-effective and efficiency-optimized drive system for future hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Construction of a prototype consisting of an electric motor with fully integrated flywheel accumulator and an innovative variable speed gearbox.
  • The concept is designed to increase the range and driving capacity by up to 25% while maintaining the same battery capacity while extending battery life by avoiding power peaks.

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