Expansion NVH Simulation Model


BMWi/AiF Project "Expansion NVH Simulation Model"

Motivation and Approach

The aim of the predecessor project IGF No. 17453 N was the creation of a suitable hybrid model formation to analyze the entire vehicle. The hybrid model consists of the simulation of drive train and the measurement technology of the vehicle structure. For this purpose suitable interfaces for interdisciplinary content, such as electrical engineering, mechanics and acoustics had to be developed for the first time. The need of research for the successor project is based on the new insights with a wider understanding of coupling all the basic disciplines within the electric drive train. Todays results, generated by coupling all partial models, cover up remaining gaps till becoming a physically transparent and useful model. The focus of the further work is on completing the model chain in order to be able to describe further influencing variables regarding the behavior of the electro-mechanical system as well as its regulation. Special attention will be given to the reaction of the various partial models. Furthermore, the approaches of modeling and data collection are optimized in terms of effort and result quality. Additional information on the necessity of respective model refinements can be obtained from an ongoing assessment.

Research Objectives

  • Expansion of simulation possibilities to evaluate the link of machine acoustic of an electric drive and vehicle structure.
  • The aspects and methods developed within the modeling and measurement project are applicable to any other electromechanical system

BMWi / AiF Research project No .: 18764 "Expansion NVH simulation model", FVA No. 682 II