Innovative carrier materials for optimizing the current conductors of electrical storage


Motivation & Approach

A central research issue is the efficiency of energy storage. Until now the battery research has only focused on cell chemistry, although the current conductive substrate materials have a crucial impact on performance and costs of lithium-ion batteries.
The project aim is to increase the performance of electrical storage by adding innovative materials, especially three dimensional carrier materials (as expandes metals, metal foams) to current conductors (aluminium and copper foils) and to validate it's potential. The consortium of research and industry formed the entire value chain of a battery production and has great knowledge as well as a very good infrastructure. The financial support is provided by the federal state NRW and the European Union.

Research Objectives:

  • Increasing the performance of energy storage based on Li-Ion technology by using innovative current conductors
  • Higher energy densities and conductivities due to higher surface-to-volume ratio
  • Resource-saving material application, while keeping the same functions